Thursday, June 16, 2005

This is only a test. I expect that I will come to my senses and delete this blog before anyone else stumbles upon it. Ah, Dawn, the trouble I've gone to just to be able to leave a comment on YOUR blog!


Blogger Dawn said...

Hey Chey! Look how long it took for me to find you! And I didn't really do the finding! A mutual friend of ours found you and told me you had a blog! I've been busy you realize, so it's not that I've been ignoring you. How kind and considerate of you to bother starting a blog just so you could comment on something in my blog, though I don't understand why you had to do so. I was able to leave comments on blogs before I became a member. None of us will ever be able to comprehend the workings of computers and the internet. Kind of like trying to figure out Basenjis eh?! {g}

4:43 AM  

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